Saturday, April 14, 2012

Titanic Hits the Iceberg

Titanic's lookout, Frederick Fleet, spotted an iceberg directly ahead of his ship at 11:40 pm on April 14, 1912. Despite the crew's best efforts, a collision could not be avoided and fatal damage was inflicted on the liner. The iceberg opened Titanic's first five watertight compartments and was her death sentence.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter on the Titanic

On April 7, 1912, just days before her maiden voyage, the Titanic sat quietly at Berth 44 in Southampton. There was little activity aboard the giant ship, or on the quay for that matter; it was Easter Sunday. Most of the ship's crew was celebrating with their families at home and observing the day.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Unsung Heroes: Titanic's Engineers

The other night I watched a program on PBS called Saving the Titanic, which focused on the engineers' valiant efforts to keep the lights on and ship afloat for as long as possible. I was particularly interested because little tends to be mentioned of these unsung heroes. Many of them were entombed in Titanic's bowels as she went down.

The above photograph, taken aboard Olympic, shows 14 engineering officers (numbered) who transferred to Titanic and were subsequently lost. They, along with Chief Engineer Joseph Bell (pictured below at right), along with hundreds of firemen and trimmers stayed at their posts until the end.

Stokers kept up the necessary steam in order to provide the electrical plant with power; the lights subsequently stayed on until minutes before Titanic sank. These men did everything in their power to keep the ship afloat, despite the fatal damage to her hull. All the pumps aboard the White Star liner couldn't save her.

Needless to say, there were tremendous casualties in the Engineering Department. All of Titanic's engineers perished in the disaster, including most of her firemen and trimmers. In fact, of the 316 men listed on the roster, only 72 survived the sinking. Memorials to these men were erected in Southampton and Liverpool.

All of their names are listed below, with the survivors' in bold and italicized.

Abrams, Mr. William
Adams, Mr. R.
Allen, Mr. Henry
Allen, Mr. Ernest Frederick
Allsop, Mr. Alfred Samuel
Avery, Mr. James Frank
Bailey, Mr. George W.
Baines, Mr. Richard
Bannon, Mr. John
Barlow, Mr. Charles
Barnes, Mr. Charles
Barnes, Mr. Frederick
Barrett, Mr. Frederick
Barrett, Mr. Frederick William
Beattie, Mr. Joseph
Beauchamp, Mr. George William
Bell, Mr. Joseph
Bendell, Mr. F.
Bennett, Mr. George Alfred
Benville, Mr. E.
Bessant, Mr. William Edward
Bevis, Mr. Joseph Henry
Biddlecombe, Mr. Charles
Biggs, Mr. Edward Charles
Billow, Mr. J.
Binstead, Mr. Walter
Black, Mr. Alexander
Black, Mr. D.
Blackman, Mr. H.
Blake, Mr. Percival Albert
Blake, Mr. Seaton
Blake, Mr. Thomas
Blaney, Mr. James
Blann, Mr. Eustace Horatius
Bott, Mr. W.
Bradley, Mr. Patrick Joseph
Brewer, Mr. Henry "Harry"
Briant, Mr. Albert
Brooks, Mr. J.
Brown, Mr. John
Brown, Mr. Joseph James
Burroughs, Mr. Arthur
Burton, Mr. Edward John
Butt, Mr. William John
Calderwood, Mr. Hugh
Canner, Mr. J.
Carr, Mr. Richard Stephen
Carter, Mr. James
Casey, Mr. T.
Castleman, Mr. Edward
Cavell, Mr. George Henry
Cherrett, Mr. William Victor
Chisnall, Mr. George Alexander
Chorley, Mr. John
Clark, Mr. William
Coe, Mr. Harry
Coleman, Mr. John
Collins, Mr. Samuel
Combes, Mr. George
Cooper, Mr. Harry
Cooper, Mr. James
Copperthwaite, Mr. B.
Corcoran, Mr. Dennis
Cotton, Mr. A.
Couch, Mr. Joseph Henry
Couper, Mr. Robert
Coy, Mr. Francis Ernest George
Crabb, Mr. H.
Creese, Mr. Henry Philip
Crimmins, Mr. James
Cross, Mr. W.
Cunningham, Mr. B.
Curtis, Mr. Arthur
Davies, Mr. Thomas
Dawson, Mr. Jonathan[
Diaper, Mr. J.
Dickson, Mr. W.
Dilley, Mr. John
Dillon, Mr. Thomas Patrick
Dodd, Mr. Edward Charles
Dodds, Mr. Henry Watson
Doel, Mr. Frederick
Dore, Mr. A.
Doyle, Mr. Laurence
Duffy, Mr. William Luke
Dyer, Mr. Henry Ryland
Dymond, Mr. Frank
Eagle, Mr. A.J.
Eastman, Mr. Charles
Elliott, Mr. Everett E.
Ervine, Mr. Albert G.
Evans, Mr. Williams
Farquharson, Mr. William E.
Fay, Mr. Thomas
Ferray, Mr. Anton
Ferris, Mr. William
Fitzpatrick, Mr. Charles W.N.
Flarty, Mr. Edward
Ford. Mr. H.
Ford, Mr. Thomas
Foster, Mr. A.
Fraser, Mr. James
Fraser, Mr. James
Fredricks, Mr. W.
Fryer, Mr. Albert E.
Geer, Mr. Alfred E.
Godley, Mr. George
Godwin, Mr. Frederick W.
Golder, Mr. Martin W.
Gordon, Mr. J.
Goree, Mr. Frank
Gosling, Mr. Bertram J.
Gosling, Mr. S.
Graham, Mr. Thomas G.
Gregory, Mr. David
Grodidge, Mr. Ernest E.
Gumery, Mr. George
Hagan, Mr. John
Hall, Mr. Joseph
Hallett, Mr. George
Hands, Mr. B.
Hannam, Mr. George
Harris, Mr. Edward
Harris, Mr. Frederick
Harrison, Mr. Norman
Harvey, Mr. Herbert G.
Haslin, Mr. James
Head, Mr. Arthur
Hebb, Mr. A.
Hendrickson, Mr. Charles G.
Hesketh, Mr. James (aka John) H.
Hill, Mr. J.
Hinton, Mr. William S.
Hosking, Mr. George Fox
Hunt, Mr. Albert
Hunt, Mr. T.
Hurst, Mr. Charles
Hurst, Mr. Walter
Ingram, Mr. Charles
Instance, T.
Jacobson, Mr. John
Jago, Mr. J.
James, Mr. Thomas
Jarvis, Mr. William
Joas, Mr. N.
Judd, Mr. Charles E.
Jukes, Mr. James
Jupe, Mr. Herbert
Kaspar, Mr. Franz V.
Kearle, Mr. Charles H.
Kearl, Mr. G.
Keegan, Mr. James
Kelly, Mr. James
Kelly, Mr. William
Kemish, Mr. George
Kemp, Mr. Thomas H.
Kenchenten, Mr. Frederick
Kerr, Mr. Thomas
Kinsella, Mr. Leonard
Kirkham, Mr. J.
Knowles, Mr. Thomas
Lahy, Mr. Thomas E.
Lee. Mr. H.
Light, Mr. Charles
Light, Mr. W.
Lindsay, Mr. William C.
Loyd, Mr. W.
Long, Mr. Frank
Long, Mr. W.
Mackie, Mr. William D.
Major, Mr. William
Marrett, Mr. G.
Marsh, Mr. Frederick C.
Maskell, Mr. L.A.
Mason, Mr. Frank A.R.
Mason, Mr. James
May Jr., Mr. Arthur
May Sr., Mr. Arthur W.
Mayo, Mr. William P.
Mayzes, Mr. Thomas
McAndrew, Mr. Thomas
McAndrews, Mr. William
McCastlen, Mr. William
McCubbin, Mr. L.
McGann, Mr. James
McGarvey, Mr. Edward
McGaw, Mr. Errol
McGregor, Mr. J.
McInerney, Mr. Thomas
McInytre, Mr. William
McQuillan, Mr. William
McRae, Mr. William A.
McReynolds, Mr. William
Middleton, Mr. Alfred P.
Milford, Mr. George
Millar, Mr. Robert
Millar, Mr. Thomas
Mintram, Mr. William
Mitchell, Mr. Lawrence
Moore, Mr. John J.
Moore, Mr. R.
Moores, Mr. Robert H.
Morgan, Mr. Arthur H.
Morgan, Mr. Thomas A.
Morrell, Mr. R.
Morris, Mr. A.
Morris, Mr. W.
Moyes, Mr. William Y.
Murdock, Mr. William
Nettleton, Mr. George
Newman, Mr. Charles T.
Noon, Mr. John
Norris, Mr. James
Noss, Mr. Bertram A.
Noss, Mr. Henry
Nutbean, Mr. William
O'Connor, Mr. John
Olive, Mr. Charles
Oliver, Mr. H.
Othen, Mr. Charles
Paice, Mr. Richard C.
Painter, Mr. Charles
Painter, Mr. Frank
Pallas, Mr. T.
Parsons, Mr. Frank A.
Pearce, Mr. John
Pelham, Mr. George
Perry, Mr. Edgar L.
Perry, Mr. Henry
Phillips, Mr. G.
Pitfield, Mr. William J.
Podesta, Mr. John
Pond, Mr. George
Prangnell, Mr. George
Preston, Mr. Thomas C.
Priest, Mr. Arthur J.
Proudfoot, Mr. R.
Pugh, Mr. Percy
Pusey, Mr. Robert W.
Ranger, Mr. Thomas G.
Reed, Mr. Robert
Reeves, Mr. Robert
Rice, Mr. Charles
Richards, Mr. Joseph J.
Rickman, Mr. G.
Roberts, Mr. George
Rous, Mr. Arthur J.
Rudd, Mr. Henry
Rutter, Mr. Sidney
Sangster, Mr. Charles
Saunders, Mr. Thomas
Saunders, Mr. W.
Saunders, Mr. W.
Scott, Mr. Archibald
Scott, Mr. Frederick
Self, Mr. Alfred H.
Self, Mr. Edward
Senior, Mr. Henry
Shea, Mr. Thomas
Sheath, Mr. Frederick
Shepherd, Mr. Johnathan
Shiers, Mr. Alfred
Shillaber, Mr. Charles
Skeats, Mr. W.
Sloan, Mr. Peter
Small, Mr. William
Smith, Mr. Ernest G.
Smith, Mr. James M.
Smither, Mr. Harry J.
Snellgrove, Mr. G
Snooks, Mr. W
Snow, Mr. Eustace P.
Sparkman, Mr. Henry
Stafford, Mr. M.
Stanbrook, Mr. Augustus
Steel, Mr. Robert E.
Stocker, Mr. Henry
Street, Mr. Henry A.
Stubbs, Mr. James H.
Sullivan Mr. S.
Taylor, Mr. James
Taylor, Mr. John
Taylor, Mr. T.
Taylor, Mr. William H.
Thomas, Mr. James
Thompson, Mr. John W.
Threlfall, Mr. Thomas
Thresher, Mr. George
Tizard, Mr. Arthur
Tozer, Mr. James
Triggs, Mr. Robert
Turley, Mr. Richard
van der brugge, Mr. Wessel A.
Veal, Mr. Arthur
Vear, Mr. Henry
Vear, Mr. W.
Ward, Mr. Arthur
Ward, Mr. Joseph
Wardner, Mr. Frederick Albert
Wateridge, Mr. Edward L.
Watson, Mr. W.
Webb, Mr. S
Webber, Mr. Francis A.
White, Mr. Alfred
White, Mr. Frank L.
White, Mr. William G.
Williams, Mr. Samuel S.
Wilson, Mr. Bertie
Wilton, Mr. William
Witcher, Mr. Alfred
Witt, Mr. F.
Witt, Mr. Henry D.
Woodford, Mr. Frederick
Woods, Mr. H.
Wyeth, Mr. James
Young, Mr. Francis J

Lest we forget.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Titanic Month

To honor the Titanic centennial, the Captain's Table will be dedicating the whole month of April to the infamous disaster.

Stay tuned for more updates.