Friday, January 20, 2012

Snapshot: Captain Calamai Helped Ashore

Here we see Captain Piero Calamai being helped ashore after the Andrea Doria sank in July 1956.

A total of 46 people died in the initial collision with the MS Stockholm. All remaining passengers and crew, however, were successfully taken off before the Doria went to the bottom: 1,660 souls were saved. Captain Calamai - in the tradition of the sea - intended to go down with his ship. The pleading of his subordinates, however, coupled with their assurances that all passengers had been rescued persuaded him otherwise.

Captain Calamai never again commanded a ship, nor did he speak of the Andrea Doria disaster. He died in his home on April 7, 1972. His final words were reportedly, "Is everything all right? Are the passengers safe?" This was the only reference he made to the sinking after it happened.

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