Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Queen Mary's Main Hall

"The Shopping Center of the Queen Mary; here one may buy most everything that would be sold by the exclusive shops on Bond Street, London or Fifth Avenue, New York."

The Queen Mary's Main Hall has changed a little bit over the years, but not a terrible lot. It's still being used for its intended purpose as a shopping center - even 75 years after the maiden voyage.

The arcade contained a "smart haberdashery and clothing shop, a cigar store, a book shop and ship-to-shore telephone booths" for passenger use. In addition, Main Hall also provided access to the library, drawing room, lounge and bar. It had to have been a rather lively area when the ship sailed.

References: The "Queen Mary": A Pictorial Souvenir Of the "World's Largest Floating Palace" - QUEEN MARY (New York: Pier & Ocean Liner News Co., Inc., 1936).

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