Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Haunted QE2

The Queen Elizabeth 2, one of the finest ships to have ever sailed under the Cunard house flag, is said to have a healthy amount of ghostly activity.

It would make sense. She was in service for 40 years and even transported troops during the Falklands War of 1982. Considering the amount of emotion and energy that her passengers - both civilian and military - exhibited during their time aboard, the presence of ghosts should not be surprising.

Since her arrival in Dubai back in November 2008, workers have reported strange activities all throughout the ship. The spirit of an elderly woman has been seen wandering around the ship's corridors from time to time, and the sounds of children's voices can sometimes be heard in the long-abandoned hospital.

But there are reports that date back to QE2's sailing days.

There are rumors of a tragic accident that took place in the engineering section of the ship. The story goes that a workman was sealed up inside one of the propeller shafts during the 1980s as she underwent a major refit. Several of QE2's engineers have reported odd sensations and feelings around that area; some have even seen odd shapes and forms that they could not explain. Could there be some truth to the story?

Another account comes from a good friend of mine. He was aboard in 2008 (shortly before the ship's retirement) and swears that his cabin was haunted by something evilly sinister. This foreboding presence was felt several times during the voyage - and he is not the sort of person to make something like this up.

So is the famous Queen Elizabeth 2 really haunted? Perhaps. Does she have one of the most fascinating careers in the history of ocean travel? Yes. Does she still captivate us? Definitely.

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