Monday, October 24, 2011

Ghostly Experiences Aboard the Queen Mary

At the risk of sounding crazy, I believe that spirits still wander the halls of my beloved Queen Mary in Long Beach. I've had too many odd things happen to me to think otherwise and I'd like to share some of them with you right now.

If you're not into this sort of stuff, then you have my apologies.

My first encounter took place back in September 2005 when my mom and I were on the Haunted Encounters Tour. We were standing on the landing of the stairs in the First Class Pool, waiting for the rest of the group to finish looking around when something tugged at the bottom of her jacket. My mom thought this was curious indeed, but before she could turn and tell me, something tugged at the bottom of my jacket. It was very distinct - and seemed very much like a little child trying to get attention. We both thought it to be strange.

Paranormal investigators - by the by - say that the pool area is haunted by a little girl named Jackie. There is no documentation that states a little girl drowned in either of the ship's pools, but many guests and crew members have reportedly seen and heard her over the years.

Jump ahead 4 or 5 years when I was again in the pool (this time while taking the Paranormal Spiritwalk tour). I was leaning against a wall when - off in the far end of the room - I saw a black shadow mass pop out from behind a pillar. It seemed as if it were looking directly at me. It moved back and when I went to check it out there was absolutely nothing.

Once, I was on "B Deck" when I saw a black mass materialize in the hall and walk into a wall. There was no one else around - I checked. I was also unable to recreate what I had seen, so I have no explanation.

Then there have been several times where black masses have walked through me while standing in the pool's changing rooms. That's always fun...

Many people have reported similar things aboard the Mary over the years. If you've ever had an experience, I urge you to contact the ship at and let thQem know...then I urge you to share here as well.

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