Thursday, March 3, 2011

When Victoria Met Mary

March 3, 2011 marked a rather historic event: the Queen Victoria visited the legendary Queen Mary at her retirement berth in Long Beach, California. Hundreds of people gathered at the old liner's stern to catch a glimpse of this new Cuanrd Queen.

The Victoria departed from Berth 93 in nearby San Pedro at around 5:00 in the evening and arrived at the Mary close to 6:10. She was greeted with fireworks as she drew nearer, which were shot out of the funnels at times - as well as from the pier and rocks surrounding the ship. It was a most impressive display! What followed then was a whistle exchange with the Queen Victoria initiating. The two ships bellowed back and forth at each other across the water, which proved to be a rather moving experience! It seemed that Mary and Victoria were really speaking to each other. A music program followed, which concluded with an impressive barrage of fireworks that sent everyone looking upwards in awe.

With that, the Queen Victoria turned around in place (something that the Mary could never do by herself!) and headed back out to open sea. It was definitely a magical experience for those who attended!

God save the Queens!

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