Saturday, January 29, 2011

The New Queen Elizabeth in Los Angeles

The new Cunarder Queen Elizabeth arrived in Los Angeles for the first time early this morning. My friend and I arrived early in an attempt to see her dock, but she had already done so by the time we got down there (at 6:45 am). Being the amateur photographer and nautical nerd that I am, I took a tremendous amount of pictures of the new Lizzie.

There weren't very many people out and about when we first arrived - both on land and the ship. Through my binoculars, however, I saw an officer on the bridge looking over something while drinking a cup of tea. After my friend and I checked out the nearby Lane Victory (a WWII-era Liberty ship), however, the terminal was buzzing with activity and a helicopter circled around the Elizabeth and undoubtedly filming a segment for the local news. It isn't, after all, just everyday that a ship makes its maiden call at a port.

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  1. She really is something! I'm glad you got to see her in person :)